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Security solutions for Joomla websites. Safe login for all users with LoginGuard - now available for free. LoginGuard against brute force attacks.


Tell us about your software or the one you are going to purchase. And we will prepare a security guide to attach to your requirements.


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From software development to consulting we also specialized in web security and protection. Our devoted team prevents all kind of security vulnerabilities. Joomla CMS is our passion and we are ready to make full security audit of your web site. Take the first step and download our Joomla security plugin LoginGuard which prevents brute force attacks and has the ability to lock users account and stop the exploit.

Joal Tech Joomla Security

Our Vision And Mission

As a special force team we secure and protect web applications - just because we can. "Nobody will notice" it's something our security team doesn't accept. Joomla Security is a main part of our concerns.

Improve Joomla Security

Joomla Security

We constantly work on Joomla security improvements and create reliable Joomla extensions

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Secure the web and enjoy the connectivity with our protection and consulting


Joomla login security plugin - protect Joomla login against brute force attacks

It's not only about developing a software - it has to be secure!

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We care about your software security. Our inspiration are our customers. Let's build and secure you software needs.

Web Security

Performing web security audits. Analyzing the results and provide you with a detailed feedback. Including an offer for fixing the issues if needed. Not all vendors take care for software security.

Joomla Security

Special treatment of Joomla websites. Providing additional layer of security for your Joomla! Get our Joomla login protection package and improve the website security.


You need a software but didn't know what is the process and what exactly has to be in the it? Contact us and we will consult and guide you through the software development cycle.


Development of mobile applications or responsive designs. Choose a suitable option.


Key software features - stable, performance, scalable and secure! You get it all!

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Google is not a myth for us. We develop your software SEO friendly.


We take care for the web security. That is why we concentrate on security software development. Improve your Joomla Security with LoginGuard - protection against login brute force attacks. LoginGuard is our main product for more secure Joomla Login.

Key features of the Joomla login security component LoginGuard are:

  • Locks user after several wrong login attempts
  • Configurable number of allowed wrong login attempts
  • Detailed log file to check the attempts
  • Automatically unlock after configurable time

LoginGuard Basic is now free for download. Protect your website with LoginGuard. Stay up to date with our updates and upgrade the plugin when there is new release. Subscribe to receive notification for LoginGuard updates and news:

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